Dynomaster FAQ

Does Dynomaster require calibration?

No. Dynomaster is simple to use and no calibration steps are required.

Does Dynomaster use the built-in accelerometer?
Dynomaster uses the built-in accelerometer in addition to GPS to provide very accurate results.

Do I need a special mount? How should I mount my device?
Dynomaster does not require any special mounting or require a specific mounting orientation to log data. Dynomaster can simply be stowed in your pocket if you don't care about watching the display. A Pocket mode setting is available to prevent accidental triggers. Dynomaster will adjust orientation and attitude automatically.

How does speech work?
Enable the Speech setting and Dynomaster will speak your speed and times as well as your progress (60 ft, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile). This allows you to keep your eyes on the road. Speech will also work with a bluetooth headset.

How does Dynomaster work with Google Earth?
Dynomaster allows you to export your data as a Google Earth file. With Google Earth, you can analyze your run data on your desktop PC. You can view your run on a map, replay your run, and view all your raw data.

How does Dynomaster work with Twitter and Facebook?
Dynomaster allows you to share your data to Twitter and Facebook using the Share menu option. You can post your time slip, map, dyno, and G-meter images. You can also post your real-time ETs to your status updates.

Is Dynomaster available for the iPhone or Blackberry?
Currently, Dynomaster is only available for Android devices.