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Dynomaster v2.0 released!
Dynomaster v2.0 released!
4/30/10 10:40 PM
Dynomaster v2.0 includes bug fixes and improvements.

  • Support for bluetooth GPS is provided by an add-on, Bluetooth GPS Service, which you can purchase and download from the Market. The add-on allows you to use an external GPS unit that can provide better accuracy and higher sampling rates. You can purchase external units with 5Hz sampling.

    The external bluetooth GPS units must support NMEA protocol (most do). Also, the bluetooth GPS support is only available on Android 2.0+ devices. Please email me if you have any questions.

    The Bluetooth GPS Service provides a standalone monitoring function that you can use to check the external GPS data and the sample rate.

    In Dynomaster, a new GPS mode setting is available that allows you to select Internal or Bluetooth. It also allows you to select your bluetooth GPS device. The device must first be paired which can be done under your phone bluetooth settings.

    When you switch to your Logger screen, Dynomaster will automatically connect to your bluetooth GPS. If successful, a notification will appear.

  • The Open button has been changed to Import to avoid confusion. It has always imported KMZ or XLS files, so now the button text makes sense.

  • If you associate your vehicle with a Run and share or save the time slip, the vehicle image will be drawn on the time slip.

  • Your vehicle and weight are now listed on the dyno graph.

RE: Dynomaster v2.0 released!
4/30/10 10:41 PM as a reply to Jeff Trackaroo.
The QStarz bluetooth GPS receivers work very well and are a good value. They're very small, acquire satellites quickly, and allow you to switch to 5Hz, too. The 818X has a 42 hour battery life in case you forget to charge it. The 890 is small enough to put on your keychain.



Purchase Qstarz Bluetooth GPS Units

RE: Dynomaster v2.0 released!
5/3/10 8:23 AM as a reply to Jeff Trackaroo.
How did I miss this announcement? It's nice to see the BT functionality ported over to Dynomaster. I'll have to do some runs with the external GPS soon to see how it stacks up.