Dynomaster Google Earth

Google Earth is a powerful virtual mapping application available for free from Google. It can be used to view and analyze your runs. The following sections describe how to use Google Earth with Dynomaster data. Click on the links below to jump to a section.
  1. View Your Runs in Google Earth
  2. Google Earth Browser Plugin

Google Earth can be downloaded and installed from here.

1.View Your Runs in Google Earth

Your runs can be viewed and played (animated) with Google Earth. The first step is to share or save your run to your desktop PC or laptop.
  1. On your android phone, select and view your run in Dynomaster.
  2. Select the Share or Save menu option.
  3. Select the Google Earth file format.
  5. Retrieve your Google Earth run file from your email if you shared or from your SDCARD if you saved.
  6. Click your Google Earth run file.
  7. Google Earth should automatically recognize the file extension and launch.
Once opened, Google Earth will center on your run. A path and placemarks will be displayed. The time legend should be displayed at the top of the map. This will allow you to play your data. If you don't see it, select the menu option View->Show Time->Always. Click the right arrow to play your data. To control the speed, click the small clock to the left of the time legend.

2.Google Earth Browser Plugin

Google also provides the same virtual mapping capabilities in your browser with the Google Earth Brower Plugin. This allows you to post your runs to your web page and have them viewable in a Google Earth display. The browser plugin is provided via Javascript, so it does require some scripting knowledge. A demo of the Google Earth Browser Plugin is seen here. If you don't see it, follow the instruction to download the plugin. More information on the Google Earth Browser Plugin can be found here.